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Friday, October 12, 2012

Friendship Tree

Happy Friday!  Hope you had a nice week and are ready to enjoy the weekend.  I know I am!  My dad came for a visit, and while he's been sick for the past two days, today he is feeling a lot better.  Some kind of stomach bug…

So, I have managed to squeeze in card for one of my favorite challenges: Moxie Fab's Tuesday Trigger, Val de Victorian.  Here's the trigger:

I love this color combination…  I was also drawn to the geometric shapes, especially the the oval trees. So here is the card inspired by the trigger:

I usually do a lot of stamping on my cards but for this one I was drawn to using mostly paper.  The trees kept popping into my head so I decided to make a 'tree' card.  To create the image I cut out geometrical shapes from scrap paper in colors from the trigger. I also wanted to play with patterns and textures to make the image more interesting.  I thought the sentiment went really well with the image since it takes a long time to grow a tree.  

So 'cheers' to old friendships that stand the test of time!  Thanks for stopping by!

Have a bright day!


  1. I LOVE your take on the Moxie Fab Challenge!! THANKS for sharing and for the SWEET comment you left on my blog!! =) Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  2. Clever take on the challenge and perfect sentiment.

  3. This is gorgeous! Love your choice of pattern paper, Aixa!

  4. wow, this is super cute, I also like those tress...hope you have a wonderful week!

    enjoy *~*