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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Repurposed Jar

Good morning, crafty friends!  I'm having a quiet Saturday morning and decided to do a post of a little project I made last week but have not gotten around posting…  I've had this manzanilla olives jar for some time, waiting for the inspiration to kick in to repurpose it.  With the latest Tuesday Trigger I knew just what to do to give new life to this jar.  Here is the trigger:

I had already made a project for this trigger (see here), but the inspiration for this one was different.  I made some reference to the color scheme of the trigger, but the main inspiration here were the houses and the sense of community.  Here is my repurposed jar:

Here is a view of the top:

The lid was black and I did not want to paint it so I decided to cover it up with a doily.  The black still comes through, which blends well with the colors I used on the project.  To add personality to the doily, I distressed it with Tim Holtz 'Antique Linen' distress ink and sponged in some Memento 'Tangelo' for a hint of color.  Then I weaved some rustic twine around the doily's edge, added a wooden button at the end, and tied up.  

The houses are from the Gina K Designs stamp set (Home Is).  I decided to use the same stamp for the houses because I live in a condo and buildings are the same.  Inspired by the sense of community in the trigger, I made the jar with my neighbor in mind.  I plan to bake some cookies, put them in the jar, and give them to her.  So this trigger inspired me to more than making a project…  It also reminded me of neighbors and how we can cultivate a sense of community by doing something as simple as sharing cookies! 

So that's my repurposed treat jar!  Thanks for stopping by! 

Have a bright day!

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