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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Father's Day Drops

Hello!  As Father's Day approaches, I really need to start making some Father's Day cards!  Today I made one inspired by Moxie Fab's Tuesday Trigger.  Here's the 'Man-tastic' image:

I was inspired by the drop shapes and the colors.  Upon seeing the pattern, the Memento Drop Inks came to mind and I thought they would be the perfect tool for this challenge.  I used a direct-to-paper technique using the Memento Drop ink pads in a color palette inspired by the trigger.  Here's the card:

I thought adding brads would add some 'toughness' to the card.  Then I also thought round corners would look nice with the drops.  And then I thought (lots of thinking here! LOL): why can't I do both?!?!  So I did! 

Below are some images showing how I did the direct-to paper technique:

First I drew a straight line with blue ink pen (Zig, Millennium - Pure Blue) as shown above.  Also shown are the Memento Drops I used: London Fog, Lady Bug, and Bahama Blue.  

Once you decide which pattern to use, just apply the ink pad directly to the paper as shown (I basically used the ink pad as a stamp).  Press just enough to get the 'footprint' of the pad on the paper.  I was not too worried about getting a perfect 'image'.  I actually like the distressed look of it.  You may also get some spatter.  I had a few spots here and there but I think they go well with the distressed look so spatter on!  

Well, that's my card for today!  Thank you so much for stopping by! 

 Have a bright day!

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