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Friday, June 1, 2012

Fin-tastic Bookmark

Happy Friday!  Today I'm posting forStamp TV's Monday Challenge.  It calls for creating a project for kids, since the summer break is coming up.  My daughter loves to read and going to the beach, so I decided to make her an ocean themed bookmark.  Here it is:

Since she also loves sparkles, I added some sparkly sequins at the bottom, sort of like jewels at the bottom of the ocean!  

I created the water background by sponging the layers.  Here's a little tutorial on how I did it:

1. Cut out two pieces of card stock slightly wider than the piece you're working on, in my case a bookmark.  On one side, cut a long wavy line so as to simulate waves.  I cut out two different kinds of wavy lines so the pattern looked more natural.  You could also use just one piece of card stock and just cut out both ends.  

2.  Place pice of card stock over the bookmark as shown and sponge in circular motion.  I used Memento Summer Sky ink.  When done, place the other wavy panel and repeat.  Don't worry about going over the layer you just did; it will just help blend the layers together so it's not too choppy.  

3.  Alternate panels and orientation each time you sponge a layer so the layers don't look the same.

4.  I had started from the bottom up so when getting to the top, I found it easier to turn the bookmark around to finish up. 

5.  All done!  Decorate as you wish! 

That was a fun little project!  I can't wait to give it to my daughter...  Hope you enjoyed the visit, and thanks for stopping by! 

Have a bright day... And a fin-tastic weekend!


  1. I love this bookmark. You did a great job. Could you please share your dimensions of the bookmark, I'd love to try to make it.

    1. Thank you! I'm flattered by your comment. : ) The dimensions of the bookmark are: 2.5" wide x 6.5" long. The stamps I used are all part of Gina K Designs 'Best Fishes' stamp set ( Happy stamping!