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Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello there! - Originally 3/8/12

This post was transferred from my previous blog.  I had technical difficulties so I could not transfer any comments.  Feel free to post one! 

 "Hi, and happy Friday!  Yay...  Today I'm posting a card I've been brewing in my brain since I saw the trigger .  Yep, it's Moxie Fab's Tuesday Trigger time!  And here's the fab trigger:

I just loved the color combo and the three apricots on the turquoise plate. I also liked the golden accents on the plate.  So elegant....  And here's the card that 'popped' in my head (well, at least the focal image of the card):  

I made the flowers out of ribbon, they're simple and yet so elegant.  I also used gold as an accent on the lacey circle and the line on the turquoise circle, which I traced with a glitter pen using the circle die as guideline.  It resembles the gold lines on the trigger's plate.  : )

As I was putting the card together I remembered this printed paper, which I layered on the card.  I had something else in mind but I thought the colors, slight glimmer, and elegant print of this paper would be a nice addition.  As an accent I added the orange ribbon at the top and bottom edges of the layer.  I did a narrow layer as I did not want to overcrowd the card and wanted the circle and flowers to be the focal image, just like in the trigger.  

So today my paper crafting journey reminded me to just 'go with the flow', to take the inspiration and run with it.  If something changes along the way, it's fine...  In the end it all works out!  Yesterday I read something that kind of stuck in my head: I may not be where I intended to go but I ended up where I needed to be.  So true when you look at the big picture.

I feel like that about life too.  Sometimes we make all these plans that don't always turn out the way we intended, but in the end whatever happens is for our own good.  Maybe we don't realize it at the moment but when we look back we can appreciate the 'changes' and where they led us.

Usually there is a lesson to learn from every experience, it is up to us to find out what it is.  Maybe if we look at our experiences as our teachers we can learn more of ourselves and get closer to our goals, maybe even beyond...

And I don't know how I went from Tuesday Trigger to Philosophy!  LOL!  Hey, the trigger was so good it triggered more than a card!  LOL.

Have a lovely Friday and weekend ahead!

Thanks for stopping by! " 
Have a bright day!

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