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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Simple Joys of Life - Originally Posted 3/9/12

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"This post is a little deviation from my usual posts.  This one is dedicated to my sweet daughter...  Every day she does something to amaze me whether she intends to or not.  This morning as we were walking at the school parking lot she stopped to grab some wild flowers and gave them to me.  I just melted!  She does that every now and then (she loves flowers!), but today it was so sweet and she hugged me and it was a moment of just pure love and joy...

Did I mention she's sweet?  : )  And funny, smart, creative, she's just a spunky little person!  She also likes to draw and make cards (hmmm, I wonder where she got that from...LOL).  Here's a card she made for me at school:

She's only in Kindergarten and has learned so much.  She has a true love of learning. 

And here's the inside of the card:

She meant to say 'Happy St Patrick's Day' but only wrote the St part (she explained it to me). Then the other part is 'Have a good party!' but she wrote praty.  I think it's just adorable and to think she did this all by herself...  And I just love the picture of the two of us holding hands!  My heart just bursts with love!  

So all in all, I am so blessed to have such a sweet and talented daughter in my life and I just wanted to share my joy as it reminded me that usually the simplest things are the ones that bring us the most joy.  Sometimes it's the sweet voice of our children/friends/family, or a smile, a compliment, a beautiful day outdoors, the singing of a bird, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, making a card (or whatever else you enjoy doing), or spending some quite time with ourselves...  

Every day is a blessing, and we can appreciate it more when we acknowledge all the beauty surrounding us.   I'll try to remember that next day I'm too busy to stop and smell the roses! 

Thanks for stopping by!" 

Have a bright day!

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