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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother's Day Cards - More!

Hi!  Where has the day gone?!?   Where has the week gone, for that matter!  LOL  I'm just peeking in to share some cards I've made for Mother's Day (I did not make them all today but just now got around posting them):

 I really like the colors and simple elegance of it:

I wanted to make fun card and came out with this one which has a notebook vibe to it.  
I call it "Mom Note"

This is another fun card, kind of springy and joyful looking:

This one I made using a sketch by the talented Melissa Cash:

This one I made for a challenge CASEing another talented designer: Melanie Muenchinger:

Well, that's it...  Keeping it short and sweet today!  

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a bright day!

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